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Sea School has partnered with Pyrotech Firefighting School to offer their Combined Basic and Advanced Fire Fighting course at our Jacksonville, FL campus. This five (5) day training course is developed to fulfill the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard regulations for shipping and navigation for:
  • Master of vessels of less than 200 GT in ocean service
  • Master or Mate on vessels over 200 GT
  • Master of Uninspected Towing Vessels oceans
  • Licenses on mobile offshore drilling units
  • Engineer Licenses & Endorsements
  • Tankerman Endorsements
This course covers the knowledge and demonstration assessments that are required for VI/1, VI/3, A-VI/3 of STCW and 46 CFR 13.121.
Subjects covered in this course:
  • Safety
  • Theory of Fire
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Detection
  • Team Leader Fire Fighting Organization
  • Team Leader Fire Fighting Drills
  • Fire Control Aboard a Ship
  • Onboard Ship Fire Fighting 
  • STCW Seafarers Fire Fighting
  • Procedures for Fire Fighting
    • Ships at Sea
    • Ships in Port
    • Ships with Dangerous Cargo
    • Oil Tankers
  • Inspections of Equipment and Required Servicing
    • Fire Alarms
    • Fire Detection Equipment
    • Fix Fire Extinguishing Equipment
    • Fire Main System (NOT with Freon System)
    • Fire Control Plans
  • Fire Fighting Process
    • Dry Distillation
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Boiler Uptake Fires
    • Fire in Water-Tube Boilers 
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