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The Apprentice Mate Steersman license is a training license for Mate of Towing.

Once the mariner achieves the Apprentice Mate Steersman license he, or she, will continue to work onboard the tug as a deckhand; receive training as a watch-stander under the direct supervision of the mate or master. This is commonly referred to as a “Mate Training Program”.


  • *Class Dates are NOT available online for this course. Because this class consists of 4 individual courses bundled together and has a discounted price , our staff will work directly with you to customize a complete class registration  for each course to fit your available schedule.   You must call our office for available class dates for each unit of this course.
  •                                          The Class Finder dates shown to the right are for the Upgrade class schedule only.
    • 1) OUPV (8 days)
    • 2) Upgrade to Master 100 (3 days)
    • 3) Upgrade to Master 200 (5 days)
    • 4) Upgrade to Apprentice Mate Steersman (2 days)

  • Sea School’s Apprentice Mate Steersman 18 day program consists of four separate courses:

  • Successful completion of this program and the appropriate USCG requirements will result in an Apprentice Mate Steersman license.

    Depending on the qualifying sea service, this program will also qualify the mariner to apply for Master 25, 50 or 100 GRT Inland or Near Coastal and/or Mate 200 GRT Inland.


  • **To register for the Apprentice Mate Upgrade course, please select the Class Finder tool shown on this page

  • If the mariner already holds a Master 200 GRT or has completed the USCG approved courses within one year of application, he or she will only need to complete the two day Apprentice Mate Steersman Upgrade course.



Other Requirements

  • Radar Observer
  • Physical 
  • Drug Screen
  • CPR/First Aid

This course includes:

  • Rules of the Road
  • Deck Safety
    • Basic Firefighting
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Rescue Procedures
    • Stability, Trim and Stress
  • Deck General
    • Marlinespike Seamanship
    • Purchases, Blocks and Tackles
    • Shipboard Management
    • Watchkeeping
    • Vessel Maneuvering
  • Navigation General
    • Electronic Navigation
    • Instruments and Accessories
    • Aids to Navigation
  • Charts, Navigation Publications and Notices to Mariners
    • Compass Corrections
    • Bearing Problems
    • Distance Off
    • Chart Navigation
    • Dead Reckoning
    • Fix or Running Fix
    • Tides & Tidal Currents
    • Characteristics of Weather Systems
  • Towing Rules and Regulations
    • Use of CFR 46
  • Towing Operations
  • Apprentice Mate Steersman
    540 days (18 months) of qualifying experience with 12 months of that service on towing vessels.
  • Mate (Pilot) of Towing Vessels
    900 days of qualifying experience that includes 360 days as Apprentice Mate Steersman on a towing vessel while holding a license as Apprentice Mate Steersman
  • Master of Towing Vessels1440 days of qualifying experience that includes 18 months as Mate (Pilot) onboard towing vessels while holding a license as Mate (Pilot) of Towing Vessels.


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